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Halogen Heat Basking Lamp 75W

  • Excellent colour rendition.
  • 2.5 / 3 times the life of tungsten filament lamps.
  • 25-degree beam angle.
  • Dimmable.
  • Emits no harmful UV.
  • We recommend using our halogen bulb above a screened enclosure to protect your animal from contact with the bulb preventing burns. You should position the bulb to one side of your reptile habitat to create a horizontal temperature gradient allowing your ectothermic animal to self-regulate their body temperature. We also recommend using different materials, like wood, stone, or bark to create hides and basking spots at different vertical levels to further provide microclimates for your reptile's desires. 

    How To Keep Your Heat Bulb From Burning Out Prematurely

    Using a high-end thermostat like the HerpStat 1 or any of the HerpStats allows this bulb to be turned on gently further increasing the lifespan of the filament by eliminating the sudden surge of power that happens with an on/off switch. Another advantage of the Herpstat gentle start feature is that it can be programmed to come on slowly over a selectable amount of time simulating sunrise at dawn as well as turning off slowly to simulate the dusk sunset.