Our Team

We are proud of our Zen family. They are a team of talented, informed, and passionate reptile lovers - simply great people! We know you want to give your pets only the best, and that includes where they live. Our wonderful group is here to help you find the enclosure and accessories that you need to keep your pet happy and healthy. To reach us, go to our website and one of our gurus will be happy to chat with you. Additionally, you can use our Design Your Dream Setup tool to build the enclosure combination that will suit your pet and home. We thank you for your interest in Zen Habitats and dedication to your pets!

Heidi and Randy



Co-founder & President

Favorite reptile is her ball python, Chip
Enjoys gardening and kayaking
Loves animals, traveling, and the beach


Co-founder & CEO

Favorite reptile is a bearded dragon
Enjoys photography
Loves his amazing wife

Our Office Inhabitants


VP of Marketing

Favorite reptile is a crested gecko
Enjoys reading
Loves the beach and her cats Pizza and Wally Pickles


Director of Partnerships

Favorite reptile is a mangrove snake
Enjoys hiking
Loves dressing her dog in embarassing outfits


Director of Customer Service

Favorite reptile is a panther chameleon
Enjoys golfing
Loves the ocean


Operations Manager

Favorite reptile is a fat-tailed gecko
Enjoys checking out new boba places
Loves trying new foods


Animal Care Manager

Favorite reptile is a Hydrosaurus (sailfin dragon)
Enjoys interior decorating
Loves all of the 13 critters in her home "zoo"


Social Media Manager

Favorite reptile is a ball python
Enjoys hiking and playing video games
Loves his cats, plants, and good horror movies


Written Content Creator

Favorite reptile is an Argentine black and white tegu
Has a pet focused YouTube channel
Breeds crested geckos


Shipping & Returns

Favorite reptile is a corn snake
Enjoys playing basketball
Loves sports

Our Customer Service Gurus


Customer Service Guru

Favorite reptile is a panther chameleon
Enjoys playing the piano and guitar
Loves her kitties Gaia and Lucifer


Customer Service Guru

Favorite reptile is all colubrids
Enjoys the color green
Loves popcorn with hot sauce and pickle juice


Customer Service Guru

Favorite reptile is a ball python
Specializes in breeding axolotls
Loves the color blue


Customer Service Guru

Favorite reptile is a caiman lizard
Enjoys collecting crystals & reading
Loves adventuring with her pup, Chacho


Security Guard

Favorite reptile is Rosie the tegu
Enjoys napping and playing fetch - Insta: @nash.and.logan.eurasiers
Loves stuffed animals, cheese, and walks on the beach


Treat Taste Tester

Favorite reptile is Rosie the Tegu
Enjoys chasing birds, bunnies, and squirrels - Insta: @nash.and.logan.eurasiers
Loves to eat


CEO of Side-Eye

Favorite reptile is Chi the bearded dragon
Enjoys snacking cheese and belly rubs
Loves Momther
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