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Zen Habitats is pleased to help you determine the best enclosures and accessories for your reptile pet! But that's not all. We care about your pets and their health and wellness. With that in mind, we are committed to being a hub for reptile information that you can use!

  • Caring For Your Pet -We know you love your pet! We have curated a collection of care guides and articles from trusted resources as well as collaboration pieces between experts and Zen Habitats to help you provide the best care possible.
  • Newsletters from Zen Habitats are published every two weeks and provide our latest news, product information and more!
  • Longtime Owner and Expert Interviews will introduce you to the unique stories of people we've come across in the reptile world. These candid interviews cover everything from their reptile journeys to reptile husbandry tips and what they've learned along the way! 
  • Web Resources & Articles provide reliable reptile websites and articles developed by experts we at Zen Habitats trust!

We'll be adding new information as we go along so be sure to check us out every once in while!

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