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Longtime Owner & Expert Interviews

Reptile Expert Interviews

The Zen Habitats team is honored to be part of a continually growing community of reptile lovers. We love seeing everything you share with each other and, with that in mind, one of our goals is to provide information that you can use. This series of longtime owner and expert interviews provides reptile husbandry tips and tricks, information on the unique characteristics and needs of various species, and much more! 

Tricia Koczor Talks About Life with Her Green Tree Python and What She's Learned


"Green Tree Python husbandry takes patience and experience. They need high humidity in their enclosures and a delicate and exact basking area. They are not a good reptile for beginners and require a lot of research and reptile knowledge. - Tricia Koczor, Reptilian Garden

Owning a Green Tree Python takes patience and experience. Tricia Koczor of Reptilian Garden the most important things to know about Green Tree Python husbandry including their requirements for their enclosure and more.

Mariah Healey Followed Her Passion and ReptiFiles Was Born


“The best way to learn about caring for any reptile is to familiarize yourself with as many of their species as possible. I certainly rely heavily on the work of species specialists to inform me as a reptile husbandry specialist.” - Mariah Healey, ReptiFiles

Mariah Healey has always been fascinated by and strong in the biological sciences - particularly zoology, anatomy, and physiology. She's had countless discussions with experts in rescue, breeding, lighting, heating, and more. Mariah spoke with us about what she's learned and shared tips she has for reptile lovers.

From Young Boy to Reptile Organization Leader, Dan Rowe's Journey


"I don't consider myself an expert, I’d say I've gathered a lot of experience caring for many species over the years and enjoy sharing what I learn." - Dan Rowe, Rowe Reptile

As a young boy Dan Rowe was an enthusiastic pet owner interested in lizards. Today he leads a large organization that focuses on conservation, education, and the advancement of herpetology. Along his journey he and his team has researched a variety of reptiles and is happy to share what they've learned.

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Dav Kaufman's Worldwide Reptile Adventures



"New Caledonia was the trip of a lifetime. I was the first person in the world to film the Terror Skink. It was only the fifth or sixth living specimen ever found.- Dāv Kaufman, Reptile Adventures

From southeast Minnesota to New Caledonia, in the southwest Pacific Ocean, and destinations in between, Dāv Kaufman takes viewers on trips chasing reptiles via his Reptile Adventures YouTube channel.