Reptile Enclosures

Zen Habitats focuses on creating reptile enclosures that are commercially viable alternatives to glass aquariums. They are designed to support the physical and emotional needs of your pet and are not only functional but beautiful, easy-to-assemble, and affordable. We offer enclosures made of different materials and in many sizes. 

Reptile Enclosure

Stands, Spacers, and Substrates

Cabinet Stands are perfect for your Zen Habitats reptile enclosures! The stands are made of the same materials used in our enclosures, which makes them look amazing together. Our Stacking Spacers are an easy way to stack multiple Zen Habitats enclosures. The Bio-Basins prevent water seepage through the seams of your enclosures. Our full-size Zen Mat provides a padded and textured surface, conducts heat, and is easy to clean. 

Enclosure Stands

Extension Kits

Our Length Extension Kit enables you to create a 6' or 8' long enclosure setup!

Length Extension Kit


Enclosure Accessories

In addition to cabinet stands, spacers and substrates from Zen Habitats, you can add a Zen Cave  or Zen Corner Cave to your enclosure. These, and other accessories we offer, allow you to customize and create the best environment for your reptile pet.

 Lighting & Heating