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Snake Tips for New Owners

Getting your first snake can be daunting. You probably have questions. What kind of enclosure and accessories do I need to have for them? How do I take care of my pet? Zen Habitats spoke with Tricia Koczor, one of our gurus and creator of Reptilian Garden on YouTube, about snakes and what you need to know so your pet can be happy and healthy!


What are the requirements for a snake enclosure?

Tricia: “It depends on the species of snake. But most snakes need a warm hide (using a heat pad, heat bulb, or CHE), cool hide, water bowl, substrate, places to climb, and enrichment like plants.” 

What should you consider when choosing an enclosure for Snake?

Tricia: “Before choosing an enclosure for a snake, you need to consider how large it will grow to. You want the enclosure to be at least as long as your snake. Also keep in mind if they like to climb and offer height if needed. Some snakes require a high humidity that would be best in PVC, while dry species can do great in wood enclosures! Keep in mind even the dry species should have PVC if you are using a heat pad."

What are good accessories for your snake?

Tricia: “Snake accessories should include plenty of hides, different textures of woods to climb on or rub off shed, plants live (non-toxic and no pesticides) or fake. Fake plants should be plastic and not fabric to reduce bacteria build up. Baby snakes are usually more vulnerable and defensive than which can lead to stress. Providing even more hiding places and foliage will help them reduce stress in the environment.”  

What kind of stimulation does a snake need?

Tricia: “Snakes are happiest when left alone, given a clean environment, hiding places, fresh water, and good quality food.” 

Do they live harmoniously with other snakes, or should they have their own space?

Tricia: “Most snake species are solitary and should always be housed alone!” 

What’s the funniest behavior you’ve seen from a snake?

Tricia: “A lot of snakes in captivity seem to know when it is feeding day and will come out and wait by the glass for you to come give them their food. They are polite when asking for their food!”

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