Newsletter Issue 8: October 27, 2020

Zen Habitats Newsletter Issue 8

Issue 8: October 27, 2020

Announcement: Zen Caves


Zen Customer Spotlight: Our Field Trip to Dan's Reptile Facility!

Last week, the Zen team had the opportunity to visit Zen Guru Dan's amazing reptile facility, Rowe Reptiles. While there, we saw his very impressive private collection of various reptiles among other animals, and just about the largest collection of Zen Habitats enclosures we have ever seen! Keep an eye out for a YouTube video coming soon. Make sure to subscribe to the Zen Habitats channel if you haven't already!

Zen Habitats Reptiles Zen Habitats Reptiles Zen Habitats Bearded Dragon Zen Habitats Reptiles Zen Habitats Reptiles

Educa-ZEN: The Importance of Infrared 

Most reptiles benefit from infrared light to help them thermoregulate. Infrared light (IR-A, IR-B, IR-C) penetrates deep, warming their entire bodies. Reptiles benefit from a combination of IR-A, IR-B, and IR-C. The sun, or your basking spot bulb, produces the needed IR-A/B. IR-C is produced from stored heat on surfaces such as rocks, which is the reason many reptiles bask on rocks in the wild.

Our Zen Cave and Zen Corner Cave include slate stone basking spots, which provide the IR-C your reptile needs. 

Zen Cave

Hot Topic: Lighting & Heating

How do I attach lighting and heating elements to my Zen Habitats enclosure?

Because everyone’s lighting needs are different, we created our habitats with the most flexibility possible.  You can place your lights on top or inside the unit. We even have a wire grommet for your electric cords.  Lighting on the inside can be attached to the support bars using a multitude of different fasteners.  We choose to use zip ties or a small chain. Check out our new video to see exactly what we mean. 

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