Newsletter Issue 2: August 4th, 2020

Zen Habitats NewsletterIssue 2: August 4, 2020

Announcement: Have You Heard? 

Meet our new Zen mascots, Chip the ball python and Eddie the leopard gecko. Congratulations to Indi (@Indisreptiles) for winning our naming contest for Eddie! 

Ball Python Leopard Gecko


Zen Customer Spotlight: Going Bioactive

Tiffani and her beardies, Artemis & Helios are loving their bioactive Zen Habitats enclosures! Both are housed in our 4'x2'x2' PVC Enclosure. Be sure to read the article featured in "Educa-ZEN" below to learn more about going bioactive!

Zen Customer Spotlight


Hot Topics: 

Can I Place Loose Substrate in my Zen Habitats Enclosure?

All of our enclosures come with a 6-12 inch high substrate shield to keep loose substrate where it belongs. 

Can I Use My Zen Habitats Enclosure as a Bioactive Habitat?

Yes. However, to keep water from seeping through the seams, it is best to use our 2'x2' Bio-Basin or our 4'x2' Bio-Basin

Zen Habitats Substrate Shield


Zen Cares: Leopard Gecko & Ball Python

At Zen Habitats get a ton of questions about the proper care of leopard geckos and ball pythons (and in honor of our new mascots, we figured it was fitting to include them in this newsletter).  Mariah Healey from Reptifiles uses scientifically based, research-driven information, along with practical knowledge to help us put together the care sheets found on our website. Check out our Leopard Gecko and Ball Python Care Sheets for care tips! For a complete list of our care sheets click here!

Leopard GeckoBall Python