Newsletter Issue 12: December 22, 2020

Issue 12: December 22, 2020

To Our Zen Family

Zen Habitats wishes you and your reptile babies a happy and healthy holiday! 


ConnectZEN With You: Submit Photos

Do you enjoy the photos we use on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube - and in this newsletter? Submit your photos for a chance to be featured!  

Zen Customer Spotlight

In his new video,

Tyler Rugge shows how he moved the Sulcata Tortoise he rescued from a bathtub to his new Zen Enclosure! 

Zen Cares: Dealing With Picky Palettes

Do you have a picky Tegu?  You’re not alone! Tegus – and all reptiles for that matter – can have a tricky relationship with their food! Reptiles Magazine provides the information you and your reptile pet need!