Newsletter Issue 10: November 24, 2020

Issue 10: November 24, 2020



Zen Customer Spotlight: Happy Beardie X4 

Check out this mega Zen stack! This is a great option for displaying multiple reptiles. Lindsey's beardies, Dovah, Walli, Aaburt, and Holli love their 4'x2'x2' Wood Panel Enclosures

Reptile Enclosure Stack

Hot Topic: Magnetic Ledges

MagNaturals Magnetic Rock Ledges from Zen Habitats are perfect for any pet (up to 2lbs) that loves to climb in their enclosure. The magnets take away the inconvenience of any drilling or gluing and work great with the panels of Zen Habitats enclosures. Now available in Granite and Mojave on our site!



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