Emzotip - August 2021

Hey affiliates! Welcome back to 'Emzotips.' The monthly article where I help you maximize your online Impact, Influence, and Income.

This month’s tip: ‘Content is King’.

"Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting." – Bill Gates

What is meant by 'Content is King'?

The term, originally coined by Bill Gates in 1996, refers to Content Marketing. Content Marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on creating and sharing content that is consistent and relevant to the consumer.

This content is valuable and motivates people to engage, keeping current viewers and readers (customers) happy and targeting a wide, new audience. These would be videos such as care videos, species fact files, and pet product reviews in the pet and animal content world.

Have you ever been scrolling on Facebook, TikTok, or IG reels, watched a random video that you found interesting or informative, then find yourself sucked into a content rabbit hole for 15 minutes? This is a classic example of content being king!

By making quality content and informative videos, you'll have a chance to promote your affiliate links, sell sponsorship slots, and even promote your own merchandise.

And it's not just videos that help you to make a sale. You can also encourage audience engagement and sales with:

* step-by-step and how-to guides (eBooks and downloadable guides), * visual content that is informative as well as promotional (IG carousels) Brand comparisons (YouTube reviews),

* entertaining blogs, YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and TikToks with educational value.

To summarize: 

* Quality content can be educational, entertaining, or both!

* Quality content is relatable to your audience.

* Quality content is inviting to new audiences.

* Blogs, YouTube Videos, TikToks, and Reels are all powerful marketing tools when the content you create on them is mindful.

* Quality content encourages engagement.

* Quality content builds brand loyalty

* Quality content drives sales!

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