Bearded Dragon Care - Old

Explore the resources below to learn more about bearded dragons and their care.

bearded dragon care

Bearded Dragon Care Sheet Provided by Reptifiles

As part of our partnership, ReptiFiles has prepared scientifically-backed care sheets just for Zen Habitats fans. Bearded Dragons make good pets due to their docile temperaments, slow movement, and manageable size. Get a shopping list and learn more all about terrarium size, lighting, temperature, humidity, substrate, feeding, handling!

bearded dragon basics

Bearded Dragon Basics for New Owners

Zen Habitats spoke with Tricia Koczor, one of our gurus and creator of Reptilian Garden on YouTube, about Bearded Dragons and what you need to know so your pet can be happy and healthy!



bearded dragon care
Beardie Tips from
Zen Habitats Animal Care Manager

Kasey, Zen's own Animal Care Manager, provides tips and advice so you can take care of you beloved beardie!



Zen Mat: Quick and Easy Cleaning

There are many reasons to have a Zen Habitats Zen Mat. The fact that it’s incredibly easy to keep clean makes it a must have for your pet’s 4’x2’x2’ enclosure. The seamless and poreless design prevents messes from seeping in between the mat and enclosure floor, preventing bacteria growth and odor. Not only does it provide a clean and healthy environment for your pet, it’s also extremely easy to clean.

Bearded Dragon Enclosures